The enclosures Series MR../MX and STC.., 6- und 9-Module, can mount two different bases:

     BASE A)   for DIN Rail acc. to DIN EN 50022

     BASE B)   for Building Automation, Domotics, Wall Mounting
These Series are interchangeable.

By changing Base A with Base B, you change an item of Series MR../MX in an item of Sreies STC, and viceversa.
The interchangeability is shown in the table on the right:
EL BAG is a producer specialized in the manufacturing of plastic ENCLOSURES for ELECTRONICS. They are foreseen for mounting in electronic devices or rack systems equipped with DIN RAIL (EN50022 - EN 50035). Elbag is particulary specialized in DIN RAIL ENCLOSURES
The main Product Families are as follows:
DIN RAIL ENCLOSURES - MODULAR, for industrial and civil applications, Domotics, Air-conditioning, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Access-control, etc. They are made in modular length (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 unit). The DIN rail foot is part of the case. The front panel can be clear, blind, or hinged. These modular Enclosures are often drilled or windowed, to allow for displays, LEDs, connectors, detacheable terminal blocks, front controls, keyboard, etc.
ENCLOSURES FOR DOMOTICS, (ST & 500 Series), for installation in wall-casescompatible with Bticino or Vimar, suitable for air-conditioning, access, etc., in HOTELS, CIVIL and MARINE environments.
DIN RAIL ENCLOSURES - VERTICAL, which is a closed case suitable for accommodating a vertical PCB, for electronic units, logic subunits, etc., with connections on any side. The front and the sides can be windowed for connectors, LED, controls, etc.
DIN RAIL ENCLOSURES for INTERFACE, available in many widths (43,68,72,100,108 mm) and lengths, equipped with foot for DIN rail, transformable in a closed case by means of the relevant cover and the increased-height side pieces. As an alternative to the standard Enclosure, it is possible to use the cheaper EXTRUDED PROFILE (72 and 108 mm wide). The profile is delivered in bars or cut to length, on request with the increased-heigth side pieces and cover.
POWER SUPPLY ENCLOSURES, equipped with a number of plugs(Euro, USA, Schuko), and suitable to fit power circuits, transformers, etc.. They are available in two different sizes.
CUSTOM ENCLOSURES. For any case there is the possibility of drilling, windowing, modifications, silk-screen, LASER marking, Customer's Logo, special materials, Colours and Additives, special physical and electrical characteristics.